Wireless Power – Quick Tips

Have you ever seen those cool electric toothbrushes that can charge wirelessly?

When I first saw one at Costco a few years back, my mind could not handle how cool the idea was. It seemed like the future.

I thought back then that it was a magical laser coming from the charger, that would charge the toothbrush.

I was mostly wrong. That process is called induction charging. Many wireless chargers use induction charging one way or another. Basically, a spool of wire causes electrical current flowing through it to go to another spool of wire without needing to touch, by using magnetism. AC power consists of electrons moving back and forth, which makes a sort of vibration. Moving electrons created a magnetic force, and magnetic force can cause other electrons to move.

How Resonant Wireless Charging Works
Infographic Credits: https://powerbyproxi.com/wireless-charging/

This is the technology that is used in wireless phone chargers, and also why only certain types of phones can charge wirelessly. Wireless charger-compatible phones need a wire coil inside of them in order to be able to absorb the energy being transferred to them from a charging mat.

Stay tuned and stay sciency,


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