Venom vs. Poison – Quick Tips

What’s the difference between venom and poison?

They are often used interchangeably, but are a bit different.

Both terms involve something that is produced by an animal or another living thing, that will do bad stuff to you, usually so that the thing that made the poison/venom gets an advantage.


Venom is anything that is injected, or placed into you, by the animal/living thing.

An example of this is scorpions, which can usually only kill you if they sting you.

Ex. Scorpions are venomous.


Poison is anything that you need to get on yourself in order for it to do harm; the living thing does not try to actively place it into you.

An example is poison ivy, which you need to brush up against in order for it to do harm to you.

Ex. Poison Ivy is poisonous.

The more you know!

Thanks for reading. I’m trying a new format which is much quicker to write and get out to you readers. There will be more soon!

Stay tuned and stay sciency,


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